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Meadowmist Boarding Kennels & Cattery Pty Ltd
59 Dromana Road, Marsden Park NSW 2765 Tel: 02 9627 2395
The first NSW Boarding business to be accredited under PIAA’s current (gold star) accreditation programme.


Care and Grooming


Meadowmist grooming roomMeadowmist grooming roomMeadowmist air conditioned van

All of the animals at Meadowmist Boarding Kennels are fed a balanced diet.

Fresh meat, cooked, canned and dry goods are available according to the owner's wishes.

There are two vets on 24-hour call, to ensure that all animals are in perfect health.

Medications are administered by qualified personnel.

Meadowmist flea rinses all dogs that enter the kennels (this is compulsory), and bathes all the dogs as they leave

Cats are checked for fleas on arrival, and if required, can be flea rinsed

A complete grooming services is also available for all animals

A Pick-Up and Delivery Service in air conditioned vans from your home is available at extra cost. We collect from specified veterinary clinics for a nominal $15 each way. A list of the specified clinics can be viewed on our Services page, here





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Meadowmist is the first NSW Boarding business to be accredited under the PIAA's gold star program


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